Sunday, 8 April 2018

Snowing in London Photo Diary

So, after two years I was back to London and I has the chance to see the city while it was snowing.

You never know how much you missed a place unless you go back !

Photo diary Tromso and Around Tromso

Here are some of the pictures that I took during my trip to Tromso in the end of May and the beginning of April.

Finally this time I could see the sun since when I was in December it was all the time Dark.
 -Polar Nights-

After 2,5 hours of hikking we reached the cabin to spend the night and it was worth it! The view was spertacular.

The cabin

Tromso in the city
Around the city

The frozen Lake

More from Around of Tromso

I absolutelly felt in love with this place and I will be back !

Monday, 29 January 2018

Tromsø, where dreams come true

My  love for Northern Lights brought me to Tromsø ..

There is something magical about the Northern Lights, it is something that looks like from another world...

Here are some of the pictures that I took during my trip

 I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on my second day in the city ! I was amazed and I could not stop starring in the sky..

The view is spectacular !! I could not believe that I was there in this beautiful scenery watching the northern lights !

It is an excellent feeling when something exceeds your expectations and this happened in this city !

In this place I did not find only the northern lights but I found myself.. I felt again part of this world and I did things that I wouldn't even imagine myself doing..

It is been almost a month since this amazing trip that I had and I can not take out from my mind this place !!

Place and people ! I felt like I have been always living in this place !!

Everyone was calling me crazy that I was going on Christmas alone to one of the northernmost cities in the world but I did not felt alone at any moment.. I guess I am feeling more alone when I am surrounded with people that can not understand me.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Unexplainable things that happen

There are things in my life that i cant explain..

Things that happen in a blink of an eye and then i am just there questioning myself if what i saw was really there..

In the past i would just ignore those signs and keep on going but lately i am seeing it more and more often...

Unexplainable things that happen in the middle of my ordinary life to remind me that there is something out there.

Something that we can not explain..

Something more..

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


I dont know what to say. My words feel empty as empty as i am feeling now.. my head is full of thoughts that i can not put in an order... its mostly about the question why.. its mostly about if I could change something..

I feel every inch of my body when i am thinking about you..

I wont forget that i was holding your hand before you left and when I woke up you were not there...

You lived your life to the fullest and you still had all your life ahead of you.

When i asked you to come and visit me you came.. i know you were with me .. i felt it.. call me crazy but I know that you ve holded my hand for goodbye...

I love you and i will always love you..

My heart will always be with you..

I know you are in better place now and we will meet again..


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Miss Grunge

I've just came back home from work and I felt so tired that I wanted to lay down and do absolutely nothing.. It is been a while since I did something creative. I missed this part of me actually, that part that can stay up till late and write random stuff, think about stuff.... Paint, draw try something new , get excited about something in my life and do something about this excitement. 

Most of all I miss to feel something even if its sadness , anger , love, passion, hate ... 

What I hate the most is this emptiness......