Saturday, 26 October 2013

Positive quotes that will make your day

"It's never too late to change a situation that bothers you.
You just have to believe and do your best
We have power inside us..Power to change anything.. 
We just stopped trying and hoping in change
In a change for making our lifes better"

"After the rain you might not see the rainbow but you are going to see the sun"

"Never chase shadows. They dissapear ..They dissapear when the first light of day comes."

"What can make your mood?. 
A song that you will listen to and a goodmorning from a stranger ..
A  hug from a friend..
 The sun that you will see coming in the morning after a heavy reain.
.Life is beautiful only if you know how to live and appreciate everything "

"In fact no one belongs to you ..
Its your own choice with whom you are going to be with and its your own choice to stay or not. ... Everybody are free to make their choices.. 
If you are constantly thinking about the others and their opinions..

You will live a life for the others ... 
Live for you and only for you! .. 
With the people you choose! .. 
Live the good and bad moments ... Every moment is unique! You shoud know that"

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