Monday, 27 January 2014

Hapiness and goals

I do not talk about my decisions much.. I don't say to everyone my next step.

My plans and my life changes quicker than the wind.. I do not want something particular in my life. I am not going after success, actually I do not care about success.

I do care about happiness.. This is success for me..

Happiness can be found everywhere.. A night out with friends can be called happiness and a hot cup of coffee during a cold day.. A letter from a friend who is far from you...

Can be hidden in that painting that you made one creative night.
Can be hidden under the blankets....

my friend took this pic in Greece
If I am happy and full in my life I do not care about if I have the standards of the society..

Whatever I do doesn't have to have a logic. I just do it for me because I feel it and makes me happy even if this happiness will last for 1 second.

I do love to feel all the feelings to the fullest because when I am sad i feel it at 100% and when I am happy I feel it 100% and I do appreciate it.

Feel happiness to the fullest, the danger, the curiosity of new things in 100% gives me the power and keeps me going in this life. I am not afraid of changes and new things, I am afraid of losing myself in this society and its standards.

When I repeat things and I do not actually have something to full me up makes me wanna scream in the middle of my empty life...

I might do the same mistakes but each time I learn from them..

I keep regretting and then appreciating the things that I do and the decisions I take..

And something that life taught me..
When life gives you a second chance take it because its always for a reason.
It might not be third time.

Goodnight :)