Friday, 25 October 2013

About me. Why a blogger?

Welcome to my Blog. :)

My name is Eri and I am half Greek and half Polish girl.

I do love music and traveling in any destination!!! The further the better and I do believe that art makes this world beautiful. 

I am fan of alternative lifestyles and I am always open to changes.

Why freedoms life?

Because freedom is a lifestyle!

 Why a Blogger?

Since a child I have been writing my thoughts in a diary and generally I did liked to express myself in a writing form.

I will write a bit about everything. Generally about things that I have been experienced and I would like to share.

I am interested in life generally. Even though I am a positive person, I can be negative in a second which I DO have to improve. It’s a challenge that I will put to myself from now on. Life is amazingly beautiful and full of surprises that most of them are yet to come.

This blog is about life experiences, motivation tips and quotes.

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