Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I love taking pictures

I always loved pictures.

There is a saying that 1000 words can be described by one picture which is so true!

Each picture has something to say.
Memories, Happiness, Life, Love, Nature, Sadness...

But at the same time I hated how pictures can become a way of proving social life and fun through facebook and instagram. Of course its nice to share moments and events, but then becomes a routine and "thirstiness" for "likes".

Eventually I discovered that taking pictures can make me happy and help me to express myself. I do love pictures of nature, random moments and anything that will draw my attention.

Here are my favourite pictures that I took so far.

winter vs autumn

Autumn vs Winter 

Capture of trees while it shows the difference between winter and autumn. 

Colours of autumn : yellow and green
Colours of winter : black and grey
Lonely house 

      Its a house build on a hill but when i look at this picture  gives me an unexplained sad feeling

Feel free to check my flickr acount :) 

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