Thursday, 20 November 2014

Think !!

How many times you thought that you are out of the game called life?

How many times you have thought that its not your game and its already set up for you?

Have you ever made a choice ? And you weren't influenced by someone-something?

Today we have a lot of information's already there set up for us and they don't let us think. We learned to accept things and facts..

Of course we live in the world and not somewhere outside of it. We are a part of it and we will hear others and get influenced, change our minds and rethink..

But I guess things turned out in the other way.. We just have learned to accept and wait... 

I am thinking how many times I was scared to say my opinion. How many times I didn't said it and did not what I wanted just because...Pretend I have never thought something different than the others..

It is really easy to sit in the corner, behind the scenes  say silent.. And look how 'others' are setting up your life..

But its hard to make the move and stand up... look around you and make a change..

First starting from you..

You are part of the game called life...society.. World..

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