Sunday, 20 December 2015

December Favourites

It is been such a long time that I haven't blog anything but I was busy during this last month and to cover my absence I will blog about 10 favourite things that I started doing or discovered in December.

1. Tea with cinnamon and ginger

I wasn't liking plain black tea until I was in London this summer. I've tried the English tea with milk and I've started drinking tea almost every evening until this month that I've started putting ginger and cinnamon in the tea. It is brilliant ! I can say that I never liked tea that much in my life and a cup of tea can be so enjoyable !

Cinnamon and ginger not only have  multiple benefits for the body but can make the tea tastes amazing and you do need to add sugar in it.

2.Green Tea

A cup of green tea in the night is the best way to make yourself relax and go to sleep easier if you have sleeping problems like me and with adding ginger  at your tea makes it amazing !

3.High Knee Boots

I finally bought my High knee Boots this month. I've always wanted a pair but I never actually found one that I liked or they would be too expensive but luckily I found this pair of platform high knee boots that are so comfy and I can wear any clothes that I want with them. My style is a mixture of different styles that includes grunge, goth,indie and 50's. I do like to experiment with my looks and that boots are exactly what I wanted so I am super excited.

4.Coconut oil

I am using coconut oil for my hair since last year. I do put coconut oil on my hair and I leave it for couple of hours or overnight and then I wash my hair normally. I have seen amazing changes at my hair and I finally can see them grow once again because I used to have really long and healthy hair until I started bleaching them to achieve the pink-red colour. Well I've achieved the colour but I almost lost my hair. My hair were so weak and dry that i stopped bleaching them and I started dying my hair with natural hair dyes that doesn't includ ammonia and with the coconut oil i can see them finally growing and having volume again!

But I do not use coconut oil only for my hair. This month I've started using coconut oil as a body cream after shower, as a hand mask and for cooking. With one product I've replaced so many products and to be honest coconut oil that is all natural is so good and your all body can benefit from it.

5.Fake rings

I always loved rings and especially big rings. I used to have my fingers full with rings until one year after a party in Turkey that I lost my favourite gold ring that my mother gifted to me I am not wearing anymore real rings but fake ones that I am not afraid to lose in a night out and this month I ve just discovered that if I am going to paint the rings with clear nail polish they wont colour my fingers after many hours of wearing them. That is a simple trick that makes the fake rings feel like real rings.

6.Glitter nails

Christmas month makes me to paint my nails in glitter colours and I do enjoy it !

7. Microwavable Heat Pack

For the Secret Santa staff gifts at my job I got a microwavable Heat Pack and I literally loved it! Every night I heat it up for one minute in the microwave and keeps me warm for many hours. If you are looking for a simple Christmas present that is a great idea.! I absolutely loved it!

8.  Ombre natural Hair

I haven't dyed my hair since august and now my hair feels much better. I wanted to stay away even from the natural dyes just to keep myself and my hair away from any chemicals that a hair dye has and I actually achieved a great colour that is ombre with different shades of red. I really liked it and I am going to keep it for a while.

9. Cozy socks

Cozy afternoons watching movies or working on assignments with cozy christmas songs, microwavable heat pack and a cup of tea is my favourite thing to do especially on Sunday nights.

10. Spices

I never liked to cook because I never had to cook for someone and cooking just for me seemed boring, not after I started using spices and experimenting with the food. I love to use spices and make my own recipes . Spices are needed everywhere! In cooking and in life.

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  1. i love knee high boots and green tea! :D x
    Mia //