Sunday, 18 October 2015

Missing pieces in the past

'I haven't felt like this since a long time .. It is like something missing from my life but I can't find what it is .. It is not something that I had before, it is something new. Something that I should find out'

How many times you miss something that you do not know what it is.. How many times you try to find it in your past?

When I am at this stage personally I am trying to compare my life back then and now and I make my past perfect in my mind even though it wasn't. If it was perfect I would have stayed in that situation.. It is your past you can't run from it. You have to accept it and move on your life..

Sometimes its the nostalgia of something familiar and something that we know and we have already tried that drives us to think about the past so much.. 

But the past is past! Is gone and it is not coming back.. Even though if you try to bring it back it wont be the same..

It is like going home after many years. Everything seems the same and might be the same but it is you who changed and you can't just look at things the same way like before..

Call it experience, life, situations , everything change us and drive us to look for something more but when we do not find it we are looking at the past .. When we feel empty and uncompleted we try to find the missing pieces in our past ..

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