Monday, 17 August 2015

Unsolved secrets from world war ll

Well there are somethings in this world that we still do not know for what they were build for. One of those secrets are the the massive underground facilities that are located in the mountains of lower Silesia in Poland.

The Nazis were building those facilities and there are many theories of what they were build for but still no one knows for sure for what really they were build for because after the second world war the Nazis destroyed all the documents and they tried to hide the entrances of those facilities with cement.

 Now the facilities are working as a museum for the tourists and still they are trying to find out the 'mystery behind those facilities' build inside the mountain.

The most fascinated thing about it its that there are a lot of entrances of those tunnels but all of those meet each other under a castle.

One thing that kinda creep me out its that in the end of the sightseeing tour at one tunnel there are 3 signs. One is the Nazi symbol, second one is a Ukrainian symbol that as far as I remember the guide said that this is meaning the begging of something but this sign is in front of a wall and they believe that there is something hidden behind. Well they believe its an entrance and not just a wall because as I wrote before Nazis tried to hide those tunnels and some entrances inside with cement.

Till now its a mystery but who knows maybe one day they are gonna discover something about it.

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