Monday, 10 August 2015

Auschwitz concentration camp

It is my third time that I went to Auschwitz which is close to Krakow in Poland and I hope so it is going to be the last.. I always have this weird feeling when I am walking at this place where millions of innocent people were tortured and murdered by the Nazis. It is a dark part of the history that we should remember and make anything possible to not to be repeated again..

During world war II Nazis build up this Auschwitz concentration camp that people from diverse nationalities (mostly Jewish) were fulled by the Nazis to leave their homes and go for a better future somewhere else..They took all the belongings with them expecting to go for a job and start their life all over again.

But when they got there they were separated into categories. Men and people that they were strong enough to work and in one and woman,children,disable people in the second one. The first group of people were leaded to work with conditions that no human should ever live in such conditions and most of them died within weeks. Well the second group was told to undress to take a shower but they were in the gas chambers that around 2.000 people were killed at once.

Our guide said that people that did not killed at the gas chambers they died because of the labor force, awful medical experiments,diseases, and starvation. There are a lot of pictures that illustrate the conditions that these people were living with..

It is a very sad place and I remember that the first time I went there it was raining which made the all atmosphere more depressive but unfortunately I've lost those pictures. Here are some pictures that I took that day and as I said I wont go again since its one of the saddest places I've ever been.

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