Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Where do you wanna go?

Where do you wanna go? I am always repeating this question to myself. Every single time I am feeling trapped in a place that I do not belong... But do I belong somewhere? Is there any place that will make me feel 'like home' ? It doesn't have to be a building because just the building is not home.. Home is everything that is included in that building, people you love, memories and again memories..

What if still you do not feel like home in your home and you can't have this feeling anywhere.. In that case I would say keep on trying, someday you might find your place.. But if not? I would say again 'Doesn't matter'..

We are not all born to belong somewhere or to something.. Some people might not belong to anywhere.. They just have to be free.. We have this pressure from the society that we should belong somewhere, have already our life and place settled down etc.. But it doesn't works like this for every single human being in this world..

Humans are complicated and we do not think or dream the same way like the others do, everyone is different in a way. Sometimes we discover ourselves in time and we see that we are not so similar to that person we thought that we are.. Dreams change, people change. Everything is possible and happiness has many forms..

And.. there is also the other thing. What is your purpose in this life. Of course everyone has a purpose but I might not found it yet or mine can be just something simple, not something big.. If in your eyes is something big, then be happy with it and get rid of this pressure because in the end what matters is how happy and how fulfilled we are with ourselves ..

Yeah yeah of course I know we should consider our surroundings and the rules because we do not live alone in this life..

But I am gonna say.. Fuck it I am living once..

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