Monday, 23 March 2015

Tomorrow is a new day

I chose our dream, to travel, to see, to live ! what was our dream? to see as more we can... Laugh and enjoy..

We can't live in the memories .. we have to create new ones and be OK with the dreams that will stay just dreams.. In a way we lived them in our minds.. I am not sad, angry or disappointed actually.. I feel empty.. its a feeling as I said that I can't explain..


Somethings are broken inside of me. The fairy-tale that I was creating and living in my mind came to an end..

I've been acting stupid believing that anything I would do would be forgiven , just a hug would heal everything...

It is not like this.. I just realized it...

Anyways as I said to
morrow is a new day.. life can surprise us in a way we cant imagine.. the most dark places can be full of light and hope.. you never know what can happen in the end.. Ending is the most surprising part..

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  1. yeh something's aren't forgiven, but people move on.