Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Do you have a life?

Yeah you want a change, you wanna do things...

Aren't you tired of stalking other peoples life through media?
Why are you checking people pictures that you are never gonna see in real life?

Why you put so much effort to take the perfect profile picture?

Aren't you tired of seeing this girl changing every day profile pictures?
Or this girl on instagram, aren't you questioning yourself.. Did she really ate all these?

About this guy who is daily updating his status with different moods each day..

Selfies in the bathroom...

Well aren't you questioning yourself if they have a life?

So you should question yourself if you have a life..


  1. yeh we have a life. being on social media all the time IS having a life. maybe not the best life because you could be doing better things like actually socialising and building communication skills etc but its still a life


    1. I am not using the term 'have a life' in a meaning of we are dead. I am just saying we could be more productive and as you say build communication skills etc :)