Monday, 26 January 2015

Craving for 90's (?)

For the people that grew up in 90's have memories of another time, nowadays the world seem a bit like from the fantasy books that we've been reading..

Who could imagine that technology would go so far just few years after?

Well we did not have a phone when we were kids and my first ever phone was a Nokia 3310 and most of us we focused more on playing snake and aliens..

Yeah it was the time without social media and that you could actually speak up with your friends for your meeting from school and not from Facebook...

Phone calls were expensive and it was better to meet and speak.. We used to have time to speak and meet face to face !

But if you see now how we are.. Technology made us lonely and selfish..

Comparing life back then and now I would say that we were more happy by being with friends and enjoying life.

Now social media has become our friend and we are being materialistic... The more we have, the more happy we become..

The more followers, the more likes etc

The more pictures, with more people is better! Even though you never speak with those people ...

We know it but we do not admit it most of the times, we feed on likes and acceptance through media...

Birthdays became a simple Facebook reminder.. Of course its great that you can have at your friends list your friend from primary school but have you ever spoke with him?? Or you just check his profile to see what is he doing and if he is doing better than you can feel bad about it..

It is more simple to send a message now, you do not need to remember the phone number or the address.. You can simply type a message on Facebook..

Life has become more simple, we almost simplified everything !! But sometimes wasn't it better back then?

We lived in a period of radical changes and we are used to see changes in the world-technology and we change the way we see the world...

But sometimes don't you crave the times back then when you were more free and happy without needing to prove yourself in anything you do?

Have a nice day ! :)

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