Thursday, 18 December 2014

First snow !!

It was like one of those morning's that you do not wanna wake up. The bed is calling you to sleep more but you know you have to wake up..

Its until that moment that you look outside of the window and you see that everything is white... 

These are the pics that I took in Lodz one morning that I woke up and everything was white !!


  1. ουαου!!! Φοβερες φωτογραφιες..!!! Εκπληκτικά τοπία....!!! Σαν ψευτικό μου φαίνεται, οτι εσύ εισαι εκεί περα... <3

    1. Se euxaristw polu ♡♡♡♡ kai se perimenww edw na ta deis k esu apo konta !!!