Saturday, 29 November 2014

Let it go?

There are these mornings that everything around us look the same but inside of us things have changed..

From nowhere we take decisions that are effecting us and our surroundings in a positive or negative way..

If I was free to express my feelings I would go out and scream so loud but I wont do it.

 I will sit in front of my laptop with my headphones on and listen to the music till I am going to be able to continue my day..

You do not know from where to start and where to stop thinking. Thousands of random things  come to your mind. You try to escape from those thoughts but seems impossible.

Even if you will escape for a while the thoughts they are gonna come back.

So in that case I would say don't escape of it think about it and try to solve it.. Don't you ever stop thinking about it and focus on the solution..

But if things are more complicated in your mind than it seems.. When it seems impossible to take a decision, to find a solution.. Everything and everyone is going but you stay behind.. In that case I would say.. Let it go..

You can't delete it from your mind or stop thinking about it.. But you can let it go and go on with your life..

At the begging is going to be hard but in the end you will see you are more strong than you thought .. Everyone is strong enough to go on even if they don't believe it in the first place..

Everything what you gotta do is believe in yourself and go on..

You do not know what the future holds for you.. You might be surprised in the end..
Positive surprise or not?.. In any case its worth to find out..

In the end having the same life every day for years even if its the best life you ever wanted it wont be the best any more..

Ups and downs are for us to see that we are alive.

Yeah I do miss situations from the past. Nostalgia is a part of me but I crave for the future..

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