Sunday, 2 November 2014

Late night thoughts

What if I am making a mistake? My mind is always playing tricks with me and I don't know what to do. I am not sure if I am about to take the right decision. My heart and my feelings are also confusing me more than my mind.. I am feeling like I am about to repeat the same mistake. Life is strange and everything repeats itself.

Chances that you could't take before are coming again to you. People that you couldn't keep next to you are coming back..

Life itself has always to tell you something from the things you experience.. Every single thing you live I know that has something to tell you.

Some people that you meet are gonna stay forever, maybe not in your life but in your heart and time to time memories of these people are coming to your mind and that time you start to remember.. somethings might stay inside of us for years but we do not wanna look back..

You are never sure if you love something for real or its just the memories that you love. You will never know until you try to find out, but even if you try you might fail. Still its always worth to try and fail rather than stay with the "question mark"  into your mind forever..

It is enough, a song, a letter, a place to bring you back memories that you had inside of you .. It is so complicated and so easy to explain at the same time.

Actually you might wanna make it complicated because if you put all the things in order its not complicated as its in your mind.

When things are complicated most of the times you leave it in its fate, but then you regret and you think that you could do something about it..

If you do not try for something things might not turn out the way you wish to.

It is really easy to leave something but its so hard to try for it.. Even if something seems broken there might be a way to fix it. There might be a reason why it came back to you...

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