Sunday, 2 November 2014

Go on an exchange?

When you wanted something so much to happend and you did work on it for the all day till you couldnt work more on it?

It's been a while since I wanted to do something so much. I was going with the flow for  long time, looking for something to attract me and suddenly it did happend, i found out for Erasmus mundus..

Erasmus mundus is a program that gives you the opportunity to study abroad but not like Erasmus that the countries for ecxhange are within the EU with Turkey the only one exception.

But with Erasmus mundus you can go to countries outside of Europe. Considering  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and Latin America..

Latin America seems like a dream for me to go!!

Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina... etc

I wish I could knew spanish because everything would be much easier.. Now the programs are mostly in Spanish.

I hope so I am going to find something in English so that I would be able to go on an exchange in one of the countries in Latin America.

I am interested in cultures and from the things I know latin america keeps the culture and traditions which I would like to see with my own eyes!

I wish !!!!

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