Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The best time in your life

Everything what you experience in your life is unique..

me and my friend living a memory
Each moment..

Each hug you get.

Each person you meet..

Each place you visit is unique.. as unique you are!!

That moment is not going back to live it twice.. So live each moment to the fullest and apprieciate everything you have and the experiences you get..

In the end these are your memories and memories will never leave you..

Live a life full with memories and plan new ones..

I do not remember from where but I have seen a quote that said "Why people are never satisfied with anything..? Its because they do not know that what they are experiencing now might be the best time in their life.."

So even though you do not believe that a current situation that you are living is not the best one.. In the future you might find out that you had the best time in your life..


  1. very nice! I think this is a great reminder to not keep holding our breath or just getting through moments. If we approach life with openness we might find more interactions in life to satisfy us! Cheers, Maria

    1. Of course approaching life with openness gives you more :) Thank you Maria !. Its nice to have positive feedback..