Sunday, 5 October 2014

Łódź a city in the heart of Poland

Łódź is the third biggest city in Poland and its location is in the middle of Poland.

Czesc = Hello

 Its been just one week since I've arrived and I already felt in love with the city. Its not a touristic city and definitely not a new city.

Brances shadow

Walking to the centre

English centre


View from my window

                      Street Piotrkowska

Old building

Street art

Park in piotrowska

Street art 2

It has "something" that I couldn't find anywhere else. Full with graffities and old buildings, alternative parties, cute coffee shops and students its a city for me.

Alternative parties

Street art 3

Autumn leaves

A girl


Old buildings


Random people in the street

Amazing street art

Street art 




Cute coffee shop

These are some pictures that I took as the first view.. Still a lot of places to discover..

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