Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween Vampire

this is how I imagined halloween, ghosts
 and spirits walking around the city.
In Europe Halloween is not that popular as its in America or in other countries, so that we do not celebrate it that much.

There are some halloween parties going around those days but thats all sadly.

One day I wanna see how "real" halloween looks like. I wanna feel the spirit of halloween. 

I do love to listen to spooky stories and then be scared to sleep :D.

Well till now I did't celebrated halloween as it should be but I did dressed up and I would like to share with you my "easy" halloween costume.

Here we go :D

The costume is simple and here is how I did it couple of years ago :

I just used really dar make up

Dark eyes and Lips

Black skinny jeans and corset

Here's my impovement 

A friend of mine is actually crazy about Halloween (maybe because he is from England) and with him we took the halloween dressing up more serious than usual :D 

photo credits theda coordes

Yeah here's me as a vampire. Of course I did used more things than at the previous times and the resault was more professional.

1. Fake teeth (you can find them anywhere)
2. Contact lenses. I used green but unnatural colours such as red and purple would be much better.
3. Fake blood. (again ou can find it anywhere) Also you can make it by yourself by using food-colour.
4. Make up. This time i made a mix with red and black make up.
5. Clothes (black top and jeans)
6. Jewelleries (such as in the picture)

Happy Creepy halloween 

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