Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Volunteer in Croatia

My story starts when I decided to go as a volunteer in Croatia, in a small city Varazdin :)
Train to Budapest
I was volunteer in a project called Young (Social) Entrepreneurs in Croatia, in elementary schools with Aiesec.

I ve always wanted to be a volunteer because I do believe that volunteering gives positive impact in the society.

AND the story begins like this.

I went from Poland to Croatia by bus to Budapest and from there by train to Croatia.

It was 2 days trip and I stayed overnight in Budapest (couchsurfing) 

When i arrived in Croatia I had a welcome party from Aiesec members and the interns. I still remember the fact that i left my stuff in the room and they told me "OK now lets go to party" :D
Arrived in Varazdin

welcome party

With me we were 5 interns from 5 different countries.

Gabi (Gabriela) from Nicaragua

Ilem from Turkey 

Beri from France

Mizo (Moataz) from Egypt
Many different moments

Each one of us was different, coming from a different country but from the very fist moment we felt like we know each other for so long :D
Castle in Varazdin
Moments with the 

The project was about teaching social entrepreneurship in elementary schools and for me it was a challenge to go to an elementary school and teach kids around 12 and 14 years old. 

The first time when I step into the class I had to introduce myself and try to make the students pay attention to me was kinda stressful but after that I saw that the kids were nice to me and interested in what I am talking about made me more confident. 

All the kids were amazing and so creative. :D

3 different elementary schools in Varazdin and 5 different topics to prepare and teach.
Somewhere here  Alp from Turkey came :) And Heather from USA
Memories :)

The time was passing so fast in Varazdin, with
travelling around, teaching and meeting new people every day. We traveled to Zadar, Rijeka and Zagreb. Croatia its such a beautiful country and there are many places still to discover. I will never forget the interns, the kids and Aiesec. 
It was such a great experience and as everyone knows every great thing has an ending and we had to leave after the project. Starting with Mizo and Ilem, Gabi followed couple of days after :(

Last days in Varazdin
After they left we had few weeks more to complete our project and enjoy Croatia.

The weather was great so that we could enjoy the sunny days in Varazdin and one more thing :D The hot coffee under the sun in the main square because Croatian people love to drink coffee and spend couple of hours for it. 

The closing of the project was successful and I will miss those kids :)

After Varazdin we went to Zagreb to Enjoy our last days in Croatia :) 

As closing I would like to say that from this experience I gained and it’s all about meeting new people, learning and experiencing new things in a new country with different culture. With this internship I challenge myself with something that I never thought that I would be capable to do and it’s done successfully. 

Teaching something to kids and especially when these things are about positive changes in the society and of course changing ourselves for better it’s something that filled me up and made me see the world in a different perspective. It is because I didn't just teach the kids, I taught  myself a lesson for a positive change as well.

It was such a great experience which i will never forget and also the amazing people that I met.
Thank you Aiesec Varazdin for this opportunity
Hope to see you all again

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