Thursday, 24 April 2014

Steps to be happy

1. Never forget Friends

There is always an excuse to tell to yourself for not sending this card, or for going to visit people that once you used to spend time together. Its always something, work, life, boyfriend/girlfriend, problems etc.. Excuses are a lot to tell, even to excuse yourself but if you ask me we always have time to make our friends happy. Living abroad taught me one thing, its our choice if we want to keep contact with our friends, everything else are just excuses that we make to make ourselves feel better. C'om book this ticket to visit your friends, make a phone call or a Skype call. Even if you find those impossible, take 5 min time to text them and even something better than texting, send a letter, I am sure its going to be an awesome surprise for them. :D

2. Do something that you enjoy

Life asks a lot and gives nothing in return you would say but its not true. Even if your job or what you do in your life its not what you always wanted there is always time for yourself to do something  that you do enjoy. Might be anything depends on each person because not all of us enjoys the same things in the end.

3. Try something different

If you wont try, you will never know. Thats absolutely true because many times in my life before trying actually something I thought its not for me but after I changed y mind many times. Its never late to try something new.

4. Be friend with your past

Could be that mistake that you did few years ago still in your mind, or that friend that you hurt and you cant get over it. Everybody does mistakes, some of them can be fixed but some others not. Do not avoid to think about them and be "friend" with them. Be friend with your past and don't let it be a heavy "luggage" to carry around. Be free and enjoy your future.

 5. Travel

Being at the same place and seeing everyday the same things can be tiring especially when you have problems. Pack your stuff and close your phone for a few days. Just be off from the world and the problems for a while. Cannot afford a trip far way? Check for promotions because nowadays there are many cheap flights or why not discovering the area around your city? There might be beautiful places to go not so far.

6. Social Media

We do all use social media and nowadays if you don't have a Facebook account is "weird", but I see also from myself many times I am just checking the home page and I am wasting my time staring at the screen rather than closing the computer and taking a book to read, or go for a walk, draw, call a friend, go out for a walk. There are so many other things to do.

7. Appreciate

Why I cant have this? Why life is so unfair?... Hmm lets take it from the other side. I have this and I got lucky with this things. Appreciating what you have already and what you achieved  in you life makes you more happy and gives you power to think how to make your new goal come true.

8.Don't be selfish

Recently I realized that I am more selfish than I used to think. We live in a society that everyone should act and think about themselves but try something different and next time put yourself in somebody "shoes" which means that you try to put yourself in someone else situation. This helps you to think more about the others and not only about yourself. Generally there are many ways to be less selfish and the most simple :
"Make someone happy just for making him/her happy without expecting or achieving something in the end you will see, you will be happy."

9. Live every day as it is your last day

I have seen this quote everywhere but for me means that you should not think only about the future and the future problems but appappreciated live the moment more. For example when you are out with your friends a sunny day, just enjoy the moment and do not complain for the test or wok that you have to do tomorrow.

10. Smile and hope for the best

Never lose your hope and smile because it fits you.

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