Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Letter for all..

I hate that I am human.I hate that I have to do what people do to live in this world. I hate our kind , this kind that destroys everything.

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Destroys what is beautiful and authentic and replaces it with lies. From the ancient times we can see the destructive nature of humans and now it has reached its zenith .

Human kind destroyes truth and authenticity and replace them with his own creations.

Destroyes nature and finds nonexistent needs which they think are necessary and they make the quality of life better.For a better life.

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What kind of life? Life full of meaningless needs and fake hopes ? Hopes for a better world filled with fake material needs. Believes in a future that begins to fade . Why I have to be a human, why I have the ability to be reasonable and the ability to think ? When I do not know how to use it?

But as human I only know how to create false needs and lies.

Actually human kind could be perfect with all these gifts that has.

Humans want a better world , want to do , to invent and to discover things for good. For what "good" we are talking about? Even the concept of good human has destroyed. Good for him is what is good for himself and his ego.
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But everything has its price and eventually humans will pay and they will pay expensive for all the evil that has been done. The time that humans will have to deal with their own inventions is really close. Its almost here.

Humans have to face themselves and their needs for a meaningless life full with lies.

 Even what we call leaders want to destroy  people, the world and together with the world they prepare their own catastrophy. They make weapons with new technologies , weapons against humans. They do not know what they want and they never are happy with anything.

People could live in a perfect world filled with love , solidarity and respect. 

But this can't happen because since ancient times human kind could not succeed and civilizations failed because humans think only of themselves and their own freedom. Forgetting that freedom of somebody ends where another person freedom begins and we should respect each other freedom.

Imagine a world without the humans, the earth without humans. It was and it would be a perfect world.

As everyone says money is the begging of evil , but people created money....
Whoever has money earn the respect and recognition from others. Fake respect and recognition as fake are money.

While we all are all humans , all different but all equal .. We are racists towards ourselves ! ..

Every day , every hour and every second the world is getting destroyed.

All the harmony of nature , magnificent creatures and sights destroyed and relapsed by lifeless and flat creations of humans. From where to start and where to finish, the catastrophic nature of humans. I am feeling sorry to born as a human . I'm sorry that I have to see and  help to destroy the world day by day . I am feeling sorry to live in an artificial world that even the hopes for a better world are wrong.

We wanna believe that we own the world and the other creatures on it.

What makes us to believe such thing ? We can use our brain, our thoughts , our ingenuity for good , but we use it only to destroy. We do not have values any more​​. We count everything with money and all we can do everything for money. Money was invented by humans but now money rules humans.

The enormous catastrophe is being hidden behind fashion , celebrities, a fake perfect world we created  and we are being brainwashed from children.

Even people who care, who do not want the disaster to happen, they are creating groups against catastrophe and even there, behind their ideology there are hidden interests and basically financial interests..

I am looking at the leaders who promised that they will change the world . Leaders who destroy the world and kill and they only care about their own wants .

 What we all need is a real leader who is not going to wear a mask and he is going to give ideas , ideals and awake people, speak about meaning of life and freedom. Because we all we know but the cover it with the lie .
my hand-peace
 No I am not that leader and I 'm also a person who hides his real face and trying to find the real meaning of life but I will become a leader for myself and I will wake myself up and I will look at the tragic reality of this world.

 And then I'll try to do my best for a future filled with hopes and dreams.


Because the leader that is going to change everything doesnt exist.. Everyone should change and take their responsibilities because we are all part of this world..

Because when you do not respect you the same kind, you do not respect yourself and then how to respect the nature?...

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