Wednesday, 9 April 2014


"Sometimes when dreams come true we don't remember that once were dreams."

Well life is strange. The impossible can be possible one day without even realizing it.

Appreciating something that once was a unreached dream and become reality is something that at least we can do.

But we take it for granted.

Looking back into our life and seeing that some of our hopes and dreams came true is amazingly beautiful but we don't always see it in that way.

We look for reasons to complain to ourselves and our surrounding. Complain for our unfulfilled dreams.
Instead of appreciating our past and the dreams that have come true and then dream more :)

You can not be happy if you don't look back and remember your dreams and goals that once you had.

Some of us have fulfilled all our dreams and goals.

Others fulfilled some of them..

Others took completely different direction and not according to the dreams once they had.

If you wont look back you will never know and you will never look for new things to dream about.

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