Saturday, 15 February 2014

Will you be the change?

My mind is full of things. Things that I cant explain even to myself..

This world is full of everything.  In each corner you can find something new.

Each day you can learn something new. Opportunities, success and failures are on the way.
You plan something and the next day you see that it is impossible.

You never know what is gonna happen the next day.
Plan and unplanned things are coming on your way.
The world is running, each day is passing and it will never come back.
So its your own choice how you will live each day. How you will live your all life.

Will you waste your time or are you gonna do so something that will full you up.

Will you stay and stare at the broken system and society or try to do something good.?

Will you be the change that this world needs?

Will you say something positive to a person that needs it?

Do something without expecting something in return.
Love people and respect them.

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