Thursday, 23 January 2014

New begging and new things to explore

Life is full of things that even life itself its not enough to experience them.

I really admire the people who are leaving everything behind and go for something new. 

"Want to experience something new"

It is really hard to leave everything behind and there are many things to do, think and leave before taking such decision. 

I have been in that position in my past but I never regretted my decisions. The things that I gained are much more than the things I have left behind. 

New chapter in my life

Why when there are so many things to do and discover stay in the same place for years and do the same things and just be "ok".

And how do you know that you are "ok" if you never looked for something new.

Well here I would like to share what my uncle said to me one day. He went to a greek island and the locals were saying " Creta is the most beautiful place in the world". of course I have no doubt that creta is beautiful but he said but "have you ever been somewhere else"?. how you can tell such thing if you never went somewhere else.?

Creta and every other place in this world has its own beauty and uniqueness for its locals and visitors..

Since we have the chance to discover those beautiful and unique places why to stuck in one and be ok with it...?

I dont say to live a life like nomads.  Its very hard and has its own difficulties and beauty at the same time. I actually love to meet these people and have a conversation with them.. They have knowledge for almost everything and they are open to everything.

The thing what I am actually saying is that world is beautiful and ready to teach you and amaze you by its beauty.

Take as much as you can.

Try new things
Live your life to the fullest.


  1. I really like the way you think Eri :) I hope you will get to see every beautiful place in the world someday and make up your own mind :)

    1. Thank you very much Dan! :) I wish it also! Not all but as much as I can! Same goes for you as well but you almost traveled all over the world haha ;) So I wish you that Berlin would be the perfect place for you to live!!!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. Do you have a list of goals or the new things you want to try every year? I used to track mine but now I have a lot and I can't write them all anymore haha.

  3. good inspiration! sometimes we took it as a motivation and it really helps!

  4. Nicely written. I like this post.