Thursday, 16 January 2014

Educational system

When we start speaking about education and the educational system we always speak about changes in the end.

We have forgotten the meaning of learning nowadays. We have forgotten that people are different and cannot be judged in the same way. For this there is a nice quote that its been said that Einstein said that.

"Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid"

Educational system forces the students to memorize mostly things and not learn things, not practice things, doesn't let them wonder and develop their own ideas. Memorizing formulas is not for everybody.
I have met really nice students with amazing personalities and because of they couldn't memorize all these formulas, they thought they are a failure.

Each person is unique with unique abilities and we cannot be in the same category as everyone else.And this is what educational system exactly does. They put all the people to think in the same way and expect the same things from their life.

This makes me wonder why its like this? Who is going to gain if all the people thinks and expects the same things from their life.

From the other hand I don't agree when people say that education and especially the universities don't provide education to their students because they do, just they don't teach students how to use this knowledge and to be useful in their lifes. They simply don't let students think in my opinion.

Also the other thing that I don't like when people are judged by their level of education. I do agree that someone with doctoral has worked a lot and deserves a better position lets say in the market place but also an individual that has studied a lot and has experienced things but individually without any education but just from his or hers thirstiness for learning,  in my opinion can be putted at the same "category" with  the graduated doctoral student.

Lets be realistic.  Education is not for free and for people that they don't have the economical support to study because they have to work to live. Some governments are helping the students who wanna study but they cant because of their economical situation but these are small percentage and doesn't make a big difference.

Having knowledge and knowing how to use this knowledge, its a complete educational system and being able to bring ideas and discuss about things as well and not just memorize.
Education should be free for all and should help the students to develop themselves. Find their talents and what they are good at.

Should clear their minds and open their ways in life and not confuse them more.
Well in the end I do believe that good education and knowledge is what all a person needs for his life.

My grandfather said to his children. I am not giving you money but I will give you what you will need in this life and this is education.


  1. I definitely agree that education should let their students develop their own thinking. Students learn more by doing than just by listening. I am an educator and your blog reverbs much of what I believe an educational institution should believe :)

    1. I am actually a graduated student and I feel like I have some knowledge but I dont know how this can be useful in my life. Thank you very much for your comment, its a pleasure for me that an educator agreed with my ideas. :)

  2. I believe the so on education system making us just copy cat instead of being creative,it's time to do so some changes.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I do believe its time for a change.