Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bus station on Christmas

While waiting in a bus station I checked around the people.

Its Christmas time but people look so sad and lonely. They are reading newspapers or staring at a screen and they don't move.

A man passed through them and said something. I could guess were wishes for merry Christmas. But no one replied back and some of the people turned their heads and gave him an unpleasant look.

Sad faces and even though some of them are in groups they are not talking but staring at their screens.

That's making me wonder if those people are like this unhappy during Christmas, how they are normally in their every day life? When every day is the same and they do have to work to live.

They are simply existing in a world that everything is the same every day.

Meanwhile some kids came and they were playing with a balloon. But their parents put them to sit and read a book.

Old and young people looks the same.

Has the same unhappiness on their faces.

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