Saturday, 25 January 2014

Best of Rzeszow

Rzeszow is a small city with population of 182,548  compared to other cities in Poland but the biggest one in the area since its the capital of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship.

Its a nice city for studying because it is easy to go around and it has a lot of students and universities. It has one centre called 'Rynek' in Polish and its located exactly in the centre of the city. Since it has just one centre most of the pub-bars-restaurants are close to "Rynek".
winter time in rynek

During winter time people mostly go to pubs and restaurants at their free time but during spring there are a lot of conserts and more things to do.

 Well as I mentioned above most of the pubs and bars are located around the city centre and the ones that I do recommend are the following ones.

1. Nora Aktora . Its one of my favourite pubs in Rzeszow because its like a cave inside and its very easy to find because its exactly in the centre. During winter time it has the best "hot wine" in all Rzeszow in my opinion and the "hot beer" is not bad as well. Other than that has almost every type of alcohol and it serves also food.

Rynek during winter
2. Irish Pub. I have been to this pub a lot of times because it has really typical irish atmosfear and it serves irish black beer and of course many other beers and the pizza is great.
3. Fashion Time Club. Fashion club is the most famous club in Rzeszow and especially erasmus students love it. It has four different dance floors with different type of music in each but they play mostly commercial ones. Fashion is a typical club, you just go there to dance and get drunk. I have none sober night in fashion, i am always drunk. :P
fashion time (google image)

4.Graciarnia. Its a pub which is located right next to nora aktora and its for people that loves rock and metal music. I do love the decoration and its one of my favourite pubs.

4. Od Zmierzchu do Świtu. Its a club but for me I would say its a pub-club. I would recoment this place for people who like dubstep,drum and bass, rock, metal etc because they do make different concerts and they put non commerical music.

5. Grand club. Its a more fancy club compared to others and it has bowling as well. Its underground and the decoration is pretty cool. 

6. Pod Palma. Its a club mostly for students because its at the students residence "Filon" and "Laura". Also this year they opened another club for students in politechnika university but I have nothing to say because I never went there but from the people I heard its similar to 'pod palma'.

There are many other nice places in Rzeszow to try but these are the ones that I mostly go and are my favourites.


pierogi (google image)
I would recomment you to try "Pierogi"which is traditional polish food that is boiled and you can try pierogi with many different ingredients, from meat to fruits.

bigos(google image)

 "Bigos" is made of a sweet cabbage and sauerkraut with fried meat and onion. There are many types of bigos and the taste depends on the restaurant or in general the cook.

zurek (google image)

 "Zurek" is a soup with chunks of ham, sausage, eggs and potatoes. A friend of mine from Greece tried it and she was so excited about this soup.

zapiekanka (google image)

 " Zapiekanka" It’s a very popular fast food in Poland and pretty similar to pizza. As student I ate a lot of zapiekanka during my studies :D

Other things to do 

 Well when the weather allows it a walk next to the river its a very good idea. People are usualy going to ride a bike, walk or roller-blade.

Rzeszow has a lot of shopping malls to do your shopping or hang out with friends. The ones that I do like and they are biggest and the best are:
autumn in rzeszow

1. Millenium Hall
2.Galeria rzeszow

river and the student residence reflaction of "Filon" and "Laura"
About museums they are some located in the centre mostly and the one that I can recomment is the 'Underground museum" that is exactly at the central city square.


Its my favourite time of the year while being a student in Poland. There are no lectures in the Universities and its a celebration of students for three days non stop, drinking, concerts and FUN!!!! Usually celebrated for three days in late May, before the summer exams.

These are the things that I would recoment in general but if you want something more specific you can leave a comment below.