Sunday, 8 December 2013


How can you be happy in this life when its full of people and situations that will make you unhappy.?
How can you pass these unhappy moments? Without getting harmed.?

Life is full of everything. Things and people to make you smile or cry.
Love and hurt are in every corner and in every decision you will have in your life.

Having yourself secured of getting harmed means that "You secure yourself of getting loved".

I am getting nervous when I see that I am doing the same things in my life. That I dont live my life to "fullest". This makes me feel sick of everything and puts me an a situation that I am doing nothing new or even "old". These are the most unhappy moments in my life.

For me happiness is inside of us. Just we have to find ways to keep it alive and unharmed from what surround us.

Knowing who you are and what makes you happy keeps you happy.

Of course there are moments that are a big challenge for keeping this light of happiness alive. But even if this light will be off. I do believe that life has surprises that is enough for everyone and the only thing for each person to do is to open their own eyes and see them.

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