Saturday, 7 December 2013


Today I stayed at home with my cousin.

Well my cousin is 7 years old and he likes to draw so I told him to draw with me.

While drawing a snowman in the middle of the page, he started to draw a tree at the corner.  The tree was small and he told me "I should do it bigger because its not normal to be smaller than the snowman" and I answered back like "its your drawing and you can draw whatever you feel like." His face became brighter and he smiled.  "You right"

He took another blank page and he started to draw something that was no sense while keep on asking me what it looks like because he saw me drawing something that I told him "I still have no idea what it is"
He made from nothing drawings that were starting with a line.
Drawing with my cousin

Then he told me that we wanted to give me his drawing because he missed me and he wanted me to have it.
And all of a sudden he said :

"I like to make people happy. I like to see people around me happy and I wish I could do everybody happy. I dont want something in return, I can do it for free"

And after he added " Eri I missed you so much and for you if you there, I can come at the end of the world."

Children are so pure. I just love them..

I wish all the adults were thinking like children.

All world would be a different place...

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