Saturday, 26 October 2013

Erasmus:Living in a different country.

"Erasmus changed my life.."I could hear this sentence from my friends after erasmus and thats why I thought that I should go for it.

I knew that I wanted to be an erasmus student but I had no idea where. After a small research I decided that I wanted something different, so the country that attracted me the most was Turkey, a non european country.
I can still remember the first time when I arrived in Turkey. The weather was hot and the city was looking amazing. From the very first moment I knew that an amazing semester was there for me.

In a Muslim country, I was expecting a big difference from an European country, but the reality was different. Izmir is a city that freedom is a word for it. In the streets you can see everything, woman with covered hair, woman with coloured blond hair, couples holding hands. All the people are how they want to be without being judged.

In izmir you can find everything, from the typical Turkish bazaars with the traditional coffee,  to the big stopping malls with western and american culture. Turkey is an interesting country and the culture has many "faces".

During erasmus you meet with people from different countries that speak different languages, have different cultures and way of thinking.  Everybody is different but at the same time "same" because they are coming from different countries and want to share and experience new things.

About me, l am so happy and sad at the same that erasmus has finished, but everything has an end and we should keep the good things we got during this experience, because erasmus is an experience !

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