Sunday, 27 October 2013

Distance relationship

Somewhere through internet i saw a post that distance makes stong relationships stronger and weak relationships to be over.. Well human relationships are very complicated, quotes are many and if you look for distance quotes you can find many.

In my opinion each relationship is unique. You can not compare your experience with others or with some quotes you will find. were with the person that you loved together. You could hold his/hers hand, kiss, hug, sleep together, you could feel everything. Every moment and in the end you will stay just with the memories of those and pictures with these happy memories.

It is your own choice to choose if you love that person enough to be with but at the same time continue your life and dont stay back. Because if distance comes, you will both have seperate lifes and different needs. "Are you strong enough to continue your life without him/her? But still be together?"

In that case I would agree that is much easier to break up, and continue your life. But you dont know what will happen in the future. You might have the chance to be together again if your love is still strong, but you never know, so you leave it in the hands of destiny. really hurts to be apart from the person that you love and especially when  you see that after sometime you realize that you cant hold on. Because you can talk, but you cant touch, you can see but you cant feel. This bothers you so much but you can't do anything about it. Just wait for the day to see her/him again in the future.

But if you dont know when or if you are going to see you together again, its much harder. The hope starts to fade and becoming something which seems so far away.

You hate and you love at the same time the day that you met him/her. It's unfair for the distance to forget all the good moments you had together and the way you used to be together. These are memories which should stay the same because you did not seperate because of some problems in the relationship or bad situations, but because you had to. Somebody had to go, either did not belonged there, or just life made him/her to.

So, in the end I strongly believe that distance relationships are for people that truly love each other and that are strong enough to face the distance and every consequences  that it has.

Because It is really easy to lose yourself and stay back in a situation that belongs in the past. The key is to continue your life but to share your felings with the other person. Communication is the key.. Because it is the only one thing in common that is left.

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