Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Comfort zone

If you don't have a place at the train you can always sit on the floor or lay down..

It is not bad to leave your comfort zone for a while..

After you leave your comfort zone there are a lot of things waiting for you.. Things that will remind you and make you understand life way better than before..

Try and do things that you wanted but once you were scared of ..
Say and do what you always had in your mind..

Go for the unknown..

By leaving your comfort zone you will walk in an unknown road and this means that you will have to do what you have been always scared of or what you could never imagine yourself doing..

Things that only your favourite character in a movie could do..

Be your own star, in your own movie.. Your life movie..

You can leave your bed and sleep under the stars..

You can walk in unknown places..

You can take a risk and don't book a place to stay before you go..

You can get lost and find your way back again..

Meet and speak with people that they do not speak the same language..

Love without regrets..

Keep a diary of your adventures..

Because it is always good to remember when we started living by leaving our comfort zone..

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  1. We live different lives. But I guess one thing is constant - we have the power to choose our attitude about life.