Sunday, 27 October 2013

Need for change

There are moments in my life that I have to change something because I am not happy with the way I live. Nothing fulls me up, feel like I am doing nothing which makes me happy.

I am still looking for this something that will full my life, that will make me feel complete.

We live in a society that somethings are there to be done from you even if you don't want them or dont feel like doing them. We grew up and if you look at your life, our lifes are already set up, from parents, society or rules.

This seems like anarchy to some people, but  I am not talking about how the society is but how each person separately is and how sees its life.

My dream is to do what I will like in my life and be where I will feel good and with the people that I want to be with.

Well some people will say that I am asking a lot, but actually these things are not a lot. Life has become so hard and complicated that we cant have what we really want.

From the other point of view if we did had everything we would be asking for more or we wouldnt be happy anymore.

Look around you. People are never satisfied with anything. They are for a while but after they forget apprieciating what they have and they are asking for more and more.

Doesnt matter how many things they do have, they will ask for more.

Thinking about it now, it's different from asking more while appreciating what you already have, or just asking because you got "bored" and you want something more or a change.

Of course each person is different and there are somewhere out there the example of people that are apprieciating what they have and they are happy with their lifes.

Also the people that aren't happy with their lifes but because of the fear of change are doing nothing about it, or the situation is unchangeable.

When it comes to me I do not know what I would feel if I would have what I am asking from my life. But probably I would be asking for more after a while.

But when I am going to find this "change" that will full me up and find something that I am going to be passionate about, I will be happy for all my life.

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