Saturday, 7 May 2016

Are you honest with yourself ?

It is been a while since I haven't been honest with myself. Its amazing how you can be everyday with yourself and see your reflection and still lie to yourself. I will never understand why and how we have to lie to our own self.

I still can smell the smell of cigarettes at my hair and have this bitter taste from the alcohol that I drunk yesterday night. My thoughts are chaotic from my hungover but that's the time for me to be honest with myself and think of things that I've been avoiding for so long. Its time for me to stay in bed the all day and write random things. Write down the feelings that I cannot translate in my head.

Some of those thoughts are hurting me because are about broken dreams.. Others are the worries that I have about my life in general. I am sure everyone is worrying about something we are all humans and we always think about stuff.. Worry and forget to to live the moment and be thankful for everything you have.

I still remember that all the things that I've achieved until today used to be dreams and hopes.. Now I should be proud of myself for what I've done and be thankful for all those people I have in my life. I was never more complete in my life than now.

I want all these positive thoughts to conquer my mind and once again lie to myself that I am complete but today I can't. Its is not the day for that, today I am honest and i see how incomplete I am and how many things I am missing in my life.

Today I am going to think of that missing part from my life and let nostalgia win.

Have a good night

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