Thursday, 21 April 2016

How to settle down after all these years ?

I would not believe a year ago how much my life is going to change within a year. Every single thing has changed and I am here a year after trying to realize all those changes .

I am about to take another step in my life. I am about to settle down in a place for a year. It is strange for me because for the first time it doesn't feels like a 'cage' but this is what I want actually. I need to settle down a bit and have a place that I am going to call home. !

It is not about being an adult or grow older, it is all about taking another step in your life. A step which hopefully will bring you closer to your goals that you have in your life. Or will make you realize your goals, life is a wonderful game that you should play and if you give up you will never find out how far you would go.

It is all about chances, luck and patience. Every start they say its a hard one but I wouldn't agree on that since challenges are what makes me feel alive and good with myself. Every day routine on something that I do not like, that is whats scares me and it is hard for me. But this time I am not afraid of having a routine in my life, a routine that I will fill with what I wanna do.


When I am looking back all these years that I've spend on studying, travelling and making new friends are a huge part of my life but it is not everything what I wanted from my life. Having a life based on travelling will never help you to settle down and will not let you to keep some people in your life even though they were a huge part of your life. Travelling will always be a part of my life but I will have a place that I will be able to call home, my home !

I used to have thoughts of just leaving everything behind and travel without destination and all those thoughts seemed amazing in my mind but having people that you care about around you and doing what you want to do and meanwhile travel to meet friends, that is what I wanna do in the end !

I am amazed and I see how much strength it needs to leave everything behind and leave without a destination and I am more amazed with the people that are doing it !! Travelling must mean everything for them !!

I am not saying that I will live the rest of my life here in that city, but what I am saying is that it is the first time that I am going to settle down and try to follow my dreams !

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