Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Skull makeup and outfit

Today I went for shopping and I already seen all the Halloween stuff removed and instead you can see around Christmas decorations. So I decided to share my Halloween costume now before its too late.

31st of October is the only night of the year that zombies, witches and vampires can walk between us and none will notice.. I absolutely adore this night. I love the history about it, the stories and I am glad that I've spend for the first time Halloween in the UK and in one of the best cities for the particular celebration. YEah!

Well I've spend Halloween in Derry-Londonderry which is a small city in Northern Ireland and they say that it is one of the best places in the world for Halloween, SO i wanted to put a bit more effort for my costume this year. I came up with the idea to make skull make up and with the blue hair I was looking like a monster than a skull. So I will call this outfit as a monster.

I've spend around 2 £ for the all outfit since I used my own clothes and the only things that I bought are the hair 1 £ and the make up 1 £ as well..

The make up was pretty easy thing to do and I did it within 15 min, I know I could spend more time and make it better but I did not had time and the patience to do so.. Here are some pictures with the final results : 

For my next post I will post about Halloween in Derry and share my experience and pictures of course!

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