Friday, 25 September 2015

In love with London

Damn I miss my busy life in London.. This is all I can think about after moving to Derry in Northern Ireland..

I miss the busy streets of London, the cute red buses and the feeling that this city lives 24/7.. I used to work every day without weekends off and surprisingly I miss it. Now I have plenty of time and I wish I would have been back to London and to my every-day life..

London is such an amazing city that I hated when I've first moved in but late on I've loved it.. It has everything and the feeling after you move out from London is such an empty feeling..

When I first arrived I believed that London would be like in the English movies. Afternoon tea with milk and the famous British accent. But I was all wrong..

At the streets I could see and hear people from all over the world speaking in multi-languages. English from UK, Australian, Irish, American etc.. Spanish, Greek, Italian, Polish, Turkish etc.. Each person you would have meet the first question would be.

'Where are you from?'  And I would answer. -From Greece, well I am half Greek and half Polish.

Some of them they do not even ask your name, the nationality is just fine in a huge multicultural city like London..

I've met a lot of people and I've been to a lot of places despite the fact that I was working every day... You can always do something in London anytime and anywhere..

One night after a friend from Brazil took me to a club 'the ministry of sound' and he told me to walk towards the London bridge and take a bus from there! While we were there he told me, 'look at this Eri I feel so lucky to live in such a great city'.. Now I can feel him, he is so lucky to live there and same goes for every Londoner !

Well this is just a small sum up of my feelings after leaving London and after my decision to go back after my studies.

Cheers :)

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