Sunday, 21 June 2015

We are the lost generation

We are the lost generation..

We have everything and nothing at the same time..

We grew up with hopes and dreams that we see falling apart every day..

We've seen all the changes passing through the years..

Changes in the all the world.. We lived in the best promising years..

We've been promised to live in a better world... But we haven't seen it since then...

We used to believe in love but we gave up after our first brake up..

We believed in the change but we did nothing about it..

We are hoping for a revolution but we will not leave our homes

We criticize the young generations but we live like them..

We know how to survive without technology and we know how the world looked like without it but yet we can't live without it..

The future is unknown and we lost our hopes..

That is why we are the lost generation..

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