Monday, 16 February 2015

Do not give up

It is not the time to give up just because you had a bad day or even a bad life.. There is always a chance for you to change things unless you do not wanna change anything and you want to sit and cry for your unluckiness..

Do not be blind there is always something good in the situation and if you want to see it you just have to open your eyes..

It is so easy to fell down but so hard to get up.. Its a challenge you should put to yourself..

After each difficulty or failure we feel like the world is over..

Last time after a failure I opened a bottle of wine and it made me feel good for a while but the next morning the problem was not solved.. It was still there..

If you have to solve something the time is now or never otherwise the problem wont go.. Instead of it will become bigger and bigger and kill you when you wont have strength to deal with it...

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