Thursday, 5 February 2015

Do not criticize

Why do you criticize the guy who is begging for money at the streets? Do you know his story and what he is being through? Maybe in the past he had more than you have now...

Don't blame that girl who is sitting and drinking alone in the bar with full make up.. You never know what happened, why she is alone...

That girl who is crying with the smudged make up look from the tears..

The grandfather that is sleeping in the park...

The guy full of signs of self harm in his body..

The boy who is alone and everyone else has a group..

Don't criticize anyone because you never know why this happened.. You do not know the story and how deep it is..

We are all humans and everyone can be any of these people..

Life can change for good and for bad.. You never know and you never sure about anything!

1 comment:

  1. So true. If we were all compassionate, there would be no hate and judgement in the world.
    Lovely, poetic post :)