Friday, 23 January 2015

Reunion in Barcelona

We met in Turkey 2 years ago during our Erasmus time and never actually met after that.

Until one day that I said F*ck it I am going to Barcelona!

Friendship and Memories brought us together once again

I loved to walk around in Barcelona. The streets were so crowded full of young people.

I've seen really creative decoration at the stores such as the one with the head of animals..

 Typical Catalonia decoration.

This one is pretty amazing ! There was an artist making figures of all the famous-politicians-historical etc people sitting on the toilet :D

I absolutely felt in love with the streets, Narrow streets without cars and cute places to go around!

I was walking for hours and hours without being tired..

Here we found an artist who was making handmade  jewellery

We asked someone to take a pic of us :D

 Architecture in Barcelona !

 One of the things that I loved are the second hand shops with vintage clothes and juwellery gives to the city a feeling of another time..


 Just for fun

Lots of young people with different styles walking around and leaving their marks behind.

Dream Big

 View during the night

 And the fun part! Sweets and fruits!


 More food <3

 And fresh juices 

 Chocolates !

 Erotic museum and weed !

Another meeting after 2 years <3

A huge cat in Barcelona !

Last picture all together before to go ! We do not need to ask a stranger when we have a mirror haha!


  1. What a great adventure, looks like a blast. Hold on to the memories!
    <3 Lauren

  2. I'm currently on exchange to Vancouver from Ireland and would love to do a reunion in a few years, such a cute idea! Great post girl, so glad you had fun!

    1. you should definitely do it! such exchanges create strong friendships :D