Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How writing saved my life

Well I haven't been an open person to share my feelings with others. Just few people really know my deepest feelings and fears.. And maybe not really all of the things I have in my head..

Despite the fact that I am not sharing I have a lot of feelings and keeping them all inside of me was killing me.. I was feeling ready to explode any minute...

The only thing that really helped me was writing. I have been writing a diary since primary school. Well when people ask me what I am writing there all these years? I am writing what I can't share with the world..

These sleepless nights that I've spend with music and my thoughts written down on a notebook.

I have dreams and I love to daydream.. Somethings we want to keep for just ourselves..

Writing really helped me during all these years especially my darkest times writing my thoughts down was a huge relief for me... I still remember myself taking my notebook and going next to the river just to write..

How it is possible this girl with the smile on her face to be so sad and confused inside.? Just few people realized that I was having all this sadness in me.. 

It's like a curse to over-think about almost everything.. Even a simplest thing that most of the people will not even think about it will make you to over-think it...

I will say that If I wasn't writing I would be totally lost and I do not know if I would be here now..

Actually this summer I checked my old diary and this brought me into tears because I saw how much pain I used to have inside of me.. Memories that are gone and deleted from my mind are always there, written down.. There to remind me that even the darkest days can pass and the best things are heading ahead of us.

Writing takes a big a part in my love and helped me a lot to overcome many things.
Helped me to find myself..



  1. happy to hear that you have found a good way to release your inner emotions. one of my blogger friends kept on encouraging me to keep a diary to jot down all the memorable things and things that i am grateful for so that after 10 years, i will have a good collection of my own memories. i don't really have confidence in keeping a diary myself but i really do look up to people like you all who are able to have such incredible persistence in keeping one over the years. it will be really meaningful to share with your kids in the future ^^ for me...i am now on the 5th day of my diary...and i hope i will be able to finish this whole notebook by the end of this year ^^

    by the way, is there any particular journal that you love? like midori's traveller notebook things like that?

    peace and love,

    1. Thank you so much I am happy as well bc inner emotions are hard to handle sometimes :)Yes believe me keeping a diary brings back so many memories that most of them you might forget :) Good luck I believe you can do it, make it part of your life as I do and you will make it !

      Midoris traveler? To be honest I ve never heard of it and I checked it now! Looks amazing! The one that I have now is pretty simlar, my boyfriend bought it for me :)