Friday, 5 December 2014

Liebster Award

Alright, this is pretty amazing!

I´ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!!!

The Liebster Award is for new bloggers, with 200 or less followers. Liebster means Dearest, so this is The Dearest Award for bloggers! Cute hey?!

The rules:
- Link back to the blog that nominated you in your post
- Answer the 10 questions they gave you
- Give 10 new questions for your nominees
- And obviously nominate 10 new bloggers
- Comment on this post when you´re done, so we can follow the trail

So you get to know new bloggers, they get to know you, and we all go around helping each other!

I was nominated by Paola Cioppi from My Unsettling Life

Paola´s Questions for me:

1. Best movie ever?

  Its been my favorite movie since I watched it and its 'Butterfly Effect 1'.

2. Best book ever? 

 I will say the one that came to my mind first. Its the Alchemist, after reading I could look around in a different way. Changed me in a way.

3. What song describes you the most?

  You will never change whats been and gone from Oasis. I even made a tattoo of it.

4. If you could meet all the bloggers of your interest, where and how would it be?

Thailand at the full moon festival.

 5. Does your blog look and feel the way you planned it in your head?

 Well I never had the perfect picture of my blog but thinking about it I am satisfied with the way it looks but could be better in the future.

6. Beach or mountain?

Mountain with beach! That's how the place where I am from looks like.

7. Day or night?

 Depends but the best posts I've ever wrote, I wrote them during the night.

8. Have you ever been in a horrible break up that when you remember, it has actually become funny? Tell us about it.

 Yeah and it really affected me during my life. It didn't become funny just I am over with it.

9. What is your biggest fear?

Future scares me and makes me wander. Complicated feeling !

10. What is your strongest quality?

 Creativity. Saved me many times in my life.

I nominate 

Jodie Frances from Life of Jodie
Elise Mooijman from The Beauty Suitcase
Filipa de Curveira from A Very Fashionable Blog
Despina Psarianou from Lipstick and Lace
Lindi Portia Mogale from A well heeled woman, A woman who reads
Madame Dream from Madame~Dreamer
Rachel Keijzer from FIORI model management, Oceandust
Melody Bordeaux from BLOGGING ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!
Alice Druitt from ~ Strange Made Me ~
Klaudia from Once upon a time

My questions are:


1.What do you usually eat for breakfast?
2. Coffee or tea?
3.If you had the chance to go back in time life what you would change and why?
4.Write down a lyric of your favorite song.
5.What inspires you as a blogger?
6. How do you see yourself in 5 years?
7.What you like about yourself the most?
8. Write down one thing you did and you thought you would never be capable to do and you did.
9.Why you are a blogger?
10.What you love to do the most?

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