Saturday, 3 May 2014

Why we lose friends when we grow up?

Well let me start with this quote "Friends are the family we choose" which is completely right in my opinion.. Sometimes we value our friends more than our family..

I am looking back into my life and I see that is full with people.. Since childhood all my memories are with friends..

There was a time that you thought that all the class in the school are your friends and later on you realized that not all of them are your friends but they are just people you knew...

To call somebody "friend" is something big because friendship has a deep meaning and if you ask around there are going to be multiple answers, if you ask me a person who you call friend accepts you the way you are and stands by your side at your worst and your best moments in your life..

People have a lot of friends when they are children and as much as they grow up they lose more and more friends and here I would like to talk about a quote that I saw a log time ago and made me think. "As we grow up we don't lose friends, we just realize who the true ones are." Is it truth or not? Well it is because time will show if a friend is real and cares about you, or is just a person that you knew. But from the other hand.. Isn't it our fault that we do lose friends during our lifes? Maybe our life goals and our carriers are more important than our friends.. If you do look back and check why you do not speak with that person that once you used to speak every day it might be your fault becaue you did not tried to keep your relations as you did once or your future plans and carrier were more important..

Actually nowadays we do have friends just to make ourselves believe that we are not alone..
We do have friends to make a tag on foursquare and instagram pictures from the last night.

 We do have friends to tag us on the pictures on Facebook from our last trip together, to like our recent pictures and plan our next night out.....

We have friends to be jealous with their happiness and from the other hand for them to be jealous for our latest success. Why he and not me? Why?

It is in our nature to want more and more but with that selfish behavior we lose people from our life and we stay alone..

It is something that I was thinking lately. Somebody who accepts you the way you are has to know you as well but nowadays we are trying to hide our weaknesses, emotions, questions, feelings and all of these just to be more "cool" and be accepted.

To change these fake friendships, keep the old ones and make more friends is to be real and less selfish..

Share your opinion about something that you want to talk about.
Do not wait for a call, you can call as well.
Make this question even if you think that you should have known the answer,

Share your real feelings. 
Help without asking something in return.
Share their happiness of their success..

Friendship is something great and to keep it we should work on it.

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