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The project is gong to take place in Universities and high-schools and the main aim of the project is to teach social entrepreneurship to students.


Youth (Social) Entrepreneurs in Action is an educational project dedicated to High Schools and Univers
ity students and it offers it’s participants to enchance their knowledge and abilities connected with formal education. 
The project is based on a series of workshops : Motivation, Negotiation skills, Team management, Project management, Presentation skills, Entrepreneurship and leadership, Career planing. 

Each lesson is going
to be based on a different topic, such as

Global Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Proactive Learning, Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurial Outlook etc. 

Each subject and presentation is going to be presented with Power Point and those will be taught by voluntary students. At the end of lectures students from classes will be separated in to groups and it will be expected from them to make a final project based on the workshops that they took place.
The final project is
going to be students idea and it will be based on changing the world and finding innovative solutions for the problems that we are facing nowadays.

The aim of the project is to educate students about global issues and inform them about the problems of world and how to change our future in a positive way. Moreover with the final project, students will be able to see the problems around them and they will think about innovative soutions for those problems to make a positive change.

From Where the idea came from?

The idea comes from,

The idea of the projects comes from an AIESEC project that i took place recently. Which was about teaching the same topics to elementary students. During this project I saw how creative the kids can be and how much open they are to change themselves and the world. During the time of my internship i was that i was able to make a change and the project of ours was a huge success.

Teaching things which will make a positive change in our world and being a part of this was an great honor for me. After seeing that students have changed their minds about our world and they were able to come up with many creative ideas to make our society a better place i was able to see things from a different perspective because i saw that i did not only teach kids but also myself.

After seeing that i can make a change i started to believe that a positive change can happen starting from young people ıf we could show them our problems and they ways of findng solutions to them. So that they will be able to see the world in another perspective.

This time why I thought about university or high school students?. Fist of all its going to be a bigger challenge for me than elementary schools and the students will have the knowledge to creat something that can actually work and they can be more active and I do hope that this thing that they are going to creat as a final project would make a big change in this world.

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