Monday, 21 April 2014

Growing up

"I feel that this decision that I am going to take is going to be the most important decition of my life."

Things has changed.  I am not a child anymore.
Now the decisions that I have to take are for life.

I am still staring on the road because I feel like I am in a crossroad and I cant go left or right.  So I am still staring and waiting.
Waiting for myself to be ready to make such a decision.
But how can I make such a decision when everything is in the air.?

Nothing is for sure. My hopes and dreams are floating around.
I am still waiting for a chance, for something to put me on the game to take decisions.

Each morning my feelings are different.

Once I wake up sure of myself and what I wanna do but once I wake up and I am not sure of anything.
I am not sure of anything. Even about myself...

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