Monday, 2 December 2013

Past and Present

Under a tree there is a girl ...

She looks sad with her big black eyes that glow in the dark ..

In today's world .. A world which is heartless ... A world filled with materialistic and selfish people..
People that care about their future ..

A future that starts to fade ... a future which is lost in the folly of people and their egos ..

She is looking back.. Back then when things were different..

Then when people had time for a walk .. get out and admire the masterpieces of nature.

When they could drink water from the source without the fear of geting sick ...

When children were playing outside ..

And the cold nights of winter were listening to stories  .. For a magical world and...
With imagination everything could be real....

when love was valuable , and people knew and appreciated it ...

when people could sit and look at the sky..

when friends were real ... and when there was a problem they could stand next to you.

When freedom was real .. And not virtual as it is today ... With media "full" people with useless information and nonexistent needs ......

And then a tear rolled from her eyes ..for the days when people had nothing but everything at the same time.

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